Takara: NEO Blythe: Silver Snow (2004)

Takara: NEO Blythe: Silver Snow (2004)
Item# Neo-Blythe-Silver-Snow-2004

Product Description

Takara: NEO Blythe: Silver Snow (2004)

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASING: THE OUTER BOX IN NOT IN PERFECT CONDITION. THERE IS SLIGHT SURFACES SCRATCHES AND WEAR. THE LAST 2 PHOTOS BELOW SHOW SOME OF THE BOX WEAR. Due to age, the doll and the doll accessories may have aged. Also, as the doll has been in storage for a long time, the condition of the contents may not be in original pristine condition as when the set was released in 2004.

This is the NEO Blythe "Silver Snow" released in 2004.

The items and contents inside the box are in brand new condition. The box has never been opened and the items within have never been taken out. The original outer cardboard box is not included. Please note that due to age, the doll and the contents within the box may be susceptible to slight changes in color or condition compared to the condition it was first in when it left the factory.

This doll will be packed carefully with bubble wrap and will be shipped in a thick cardboard box.

Please check you country's post office tax duties before purchasing.

Please contact me before making a transaction if you wish to purchase more than on NEO Blythe for details of the combined shipping rates to your country.

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Below are photos showing the slight damage/wear to the box.