Welcome! Irasshaimase! いらっしゃいませ!Welcome Year 2024! www.harapekodoggybag.com is located in the heart of Tokyo, Japan.

HarapekoDoggyBag started out in 2009 in Etsy under the store name 'Janenatron' with over 4000 in positive feedback.

HarapekoDoggyBag Store was created to sell mainly Japanese miniature toys for dollhouses. Most of the toys are made of plastic and vary in sizes. Japanese miniatures may look very realistic so, if in doubt with sizes, materials, maker or any other aspect of the item/s, please ask me!!

Other items we sell are vintage and other toys and accessories that come from Japan (unless otherwise stated).

Here is more information about the brands we stock:

What's Re-ment (Rement)? They are cute Japanese dollhouse miniature toys. Made of plastic, they are hugely popular among many dollhouse collectors in Japan. The miniatures have also made trends in making cute accessories such as decotti/deco and other fun fashion crafts. The old and new re-ment miniatures tend to vary in sizes. A majority of re-ment is 1:6 in scale but older and newer re-ment vary in sizes. If you would like to know the measurement of a particular piece, please don't hesitate to ask. Have fun with re-ment or any other plastic miniature made by Megahouse, Epoch, Takara, Yujin and more !!

Still want to know more or see more photos of the products? Then, go to the link page to find out more.

All items listed in the categories other than "vintage" are made in China. Vintage items will specify the maker in the listing description.

High prices listed may reflect the rarity or limited number or limited edition or "hard to get" nature of the item/product. The items/products priced accordingly may be consistent to the demand in the Japanese market.

If you have any question regarding any item/product in the store, please feel free to ask me anytime.

Disclaimer: Some of the photos used to represent the items in the shop were taken from the Re-ment and Megahouse websites (please check my link page).

★★PERMISSION OF USE OF MY PHOTOS : Please ask if you wish to use my photos for any reason. If used, all photos must have a link to my website or flickr account. Moreover, a description of my shop information under each photo must be clearly stated. If my photos are used in excess or used for any commercial purposes for example in any site selling the same product, ebay, other auction sites or SNS platforms, please be warned I will be contacting you.

Feel free to ask me any questions anytime and I'll respond to you as soon as possible.

★★All mail will be sent using my yahoo email account. In some cases mail may be sent to your 'spam' box. So please check there just in case.