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Update 2024 : Japan Post will incrementally increase shipping fees due to transportation costs. Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

How much is shipping (before payment)?

1. Place items in your shopping cart by pressing the ADD TO CART button.

2. Fill in your name, address, zip/postal code and select your country.

3. Choose a shipping method and press the APPLY button.

Registered Airmail (Small Packet)

Has a tracking number and insurance option. Delivery takes approximately 3-6 working days (subject to delays).

Shipping Fee = US$14.95 (US$10.35 + $4.60 registered fee) for order weight up to approximately 0.19 pounds or 86 grams.

Currently service is unavailable to some countries due to the covid-19 situation and shipping limitations.

EMS (Express Mail Service) From June 1, 2022: Tentative EMS Rates Increase

Has a tracking number and insurance option. Delivery takes approximately 3-6 working days (speedy delivery).

Shipping Fee For North America/US Regions = USD$42.50 for order weight up to approximately 0.30 pounds or 136 grams. (effective from October 1, 2023)

Find more information on shipping in Japan Post's website here.

4. After choosing the shipping method, the shipping fee is now displayed in the shopping cart. To change the shipping method, just repeat step 3 again.

5. Please inquire if you are interested in other shipping methods such as:

Airmail(Small Packet)

Has no tracking number and no insurance option. Delivery takes approximately 3-6 working days (subject to delays).

Shipping Fee = US$12.35 for order weight up to approximately 0.19 pounds or 86 grams.

Due to Paypal's current policies on shipping and refunds, for the safety and protection of all transactions, a tracking number is required.

6. Please inquire if an item or items cannot be added to your cart.

Other Shipping Options

Please inquire for shipping with Yamato Kuroneko Courier.

Combined Fee

The shipping fee calculated is based on the final parcel weight. If irregular items such as small and big items are combined, there may be a big jump in the shipping fee. In these cases, we will contact you and/or give a slight refund for the shipping. Please ask directly for a shipping quote if your order includes large items or large flat items.


The final shipping fee includes the final weight of the parcel (which includes the packaging materials such as tape, plastic bubble and packing paper etc) and a handling fee. The fee varies according to the size and/or quantity of items in the order. The shipping and / or the handling fee is also subject to changes based on the current USD and YEN exchange rates.


Sometimes the final shipping fee may not be accurate for irregular-sized or large sized orders. If so, the correct final shipping fee will be re-calculated. This shop will contact you if this is your case.


All orders that weigh at or over 4.40 pounds or 2000 grams can only be shipped with EMS (Express Mail Service) or Airmail (International Parcel)


All orders that total USD$60 to USD$250 or more should be shipped with EMS (Express Mail Service).


The final shipping fee does not include the payment for the tax duty or tax charge. This shop is not responsible for the tax duties or the tax charges for arriving parcels in your country. The customer is responsible for payments of taxes or duties within his/her country. Please read the VAT or other tax duties that you will be liable to via official government or postal service websites.

Customers from CANADA :
Please find more details here.

Customers from the EU :
Please find more details here.

Customers from SPAIN :
Please find more details here.

Customers from THAILAND :
Please find more details here.

Customers from the UK :
Please find more details here.


The CN22 or other postal customs form will be marked as "other" and the value will be marked according to the value of the final order. If you wish to have the CN22 form or other postal custom form to be marked differently, please leave a message when you check out in the shopping cart.

How do I place an order?

1. Follow the above steps 1,2 and 3.

2. Process your payment through Paypal.

3. An email will be sent to you to confirm the order and the payment. The email will contain the order number. For example: Order #: HBD-2024-XXXX"

Please note: Due to the time difference between Tokyo and your area, the email sent from here will be delayed.

4. After your order has been shipped out, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number for your parcel.


The shipping confirmation email will include the proof of shipment and delivery of your order/parcel.

This may include the following:

A photo or photos of your parcel.

A photo or photos of the items inside the parcel.

A photo of the proof of shipment receipt from Japan Post.

A photo of the postal custom form/label complete with your full name, address, detailed contents, value and the tracking number; and postmarked with the shipping date by Japan Post.


Please make sure the shipping name and address in the order matches the billing address in your Paypal account. If not, your order will either be refunded or canceled before shipment.


The tracking number for your parcel will be lodged with Paypal.
Please check your parcel online here.
If your parcel is undeliverable, your post office will keep it for a short time and/or will send it back to Japan.

Where do you ship?

We ship to Asia, North & South America, the Oceania region and Europe.

All parcels are shipped from Tokyo, Japan.

Please inquire if your country is not listed when you check out in the shopping cart. Japan Post may not be able to send parcels to your country or region.

All final orders will be shipped out on Monday to Friday within 1-3 working days. If the order is received on Friday after 12:00 (GMT+9) or on the weekend, it will be sent on Monday or the following business day. If the order is received on a Japanese national or public holiday the parcel will be sent on a following business day.

Find more information on Japanese national or public holidays here.

Delivery will be by Japan Post and your country's post office. Customs checks, social or weather conditions can delay the delivery.

Find more information on delays in Japan Post's website here.

Changes from June 2015

All parcels can only be sent via the shipping methods available in the shop.


Paypal's current policy on refunds and claims makes it necessary for all parcels to have a tracking number. If you would like to change to a shipping method with no tracking number, please send an email and inquire anytime.


There are no refunds, compensation or exchanges on all final orders.

We will pack and wrap your order with care to prevent any possible damages during delivery. All items are usually wrapped in plastic bubble and sent within a thick cardboard box. The parcel is also usually wrapped in brown packaging paper. The CN22 form or other customs form is always adhered to the front of the parcel.

All items in your order will have been checked very carefully before and after the final transaction. If any damages, breakages, condition changes or missing pieces are found, you will be contacted immediately before shipment. This shop has the discretion to give a partial or full refund after a thorough negotiation to such cases.

Please carefully read and look at the photos for each item description before making a purchase.

Check the item condition/state.

Check the item price.

Check the the item size.

Check the maker/brand/manufacturer.

Check the language: English or Japanese.

Check the year/period the item was made.

Check the material the item is made of.

Check the country of origin of the item.

Check the age the item is suitable for.

If you would like to see more photos or like to know more information, please ask anytime.


Japan Post and your countryfs post office will deliver your parcel. The handling by these services may bring wear and tear to your parcel.


Some post offices cannot deliver your parcel to you directly and may leave a note to notify you to collect it. In some cases, they may not leave a note and retain your parcel in the post office. Please contact your local post office immediately in these cases.

French / European customers : Please confirm your delivery address if necessary. Please give full information such as the building number or the name of the (c/-) person to receive the parcel.



Some item listings will have these words in bold to point out item defects, packaging defect or missing items/pieces in sets. For example, some Re-ment and Megahouse or other miniature toy sets may or may not include an info card, a sticker card or an outer box. All item listings have bold text at the top to state the condition of the set.


This shop cannot guarantee these miniature plastic toys are without manufacturing differences or defects such as:

Uneven paint work.

Uneven color application.

Uneven glue / sticker / label application.

Uneven gloss / polish / fiber / material / fabric finishes or application.

Uneven size or smoothness of finished pieces.

Uneven mold shapes or sizes.

Paint / Gloss / Surface finishes which have chips or cracks due to factory handling or application.

Size variation in length, circumference or breath / width.

Missing or affected pieces during manufacturing.

Missing or affected info cards or stickers of sticker sheets.

Residues, marks, stains or materials left by the factory workers.

Manufacturing material odors or residues.

Wrinkled/Creased or affected outer plastic packaging or outer cardboard box.

Plastic miniature toys or other items (non-vintage items) in this shop are made in China and were manufactured from 2000 to present.

Time, temperature, climate conditions and general handling can also change the condition of the items such as:

Color fading or changes.

Deteriorating glue or gloss finishes.

Shape warping or gmelting".


Yellow Spots.

Storage odor.

Yellowing or Aging.

Most of these manufacturing defects or differences come from human error and / or lack of quality checks made by Re-ment, Megahouse or by other relevant toy companies. The responsibility for these defects and difference is beyond the control of this shop.


These dolls may have manufacturing differences or defects such as:

Uneven sewing.

Uneven printing.

Uneven paint work.

Uneven polish finishes.

Uneven glue coverage on stickers.

Uneven eyelash or hair work.

Slight variation in mold casting of object parts, pieces or accessories.

Discoloration of doll hair or body parts.

Discoloration of finished clothes or accessories.

Missing or damaged items.

Storage odors or wear.

Yellowing or Aging.

These manufacturing difference or defects are human error and / or lack of quality checks made by Takara Tomy or by other relevant toy or product companies. The responsibility for these defects and difference is beyond the control of this shop.


Vintage items in the shop date back to the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

Periodical items may be in new or used condition.

The condition/state of the items will be described thoroughly in each listing.

These items may have handling or manufacturing differences or defects such as:


General handling wear.

Marks, stains or scratches.


Storage odors or wear.

Broken or worn areas/parts.

Fading color or sun damaged areas.

Uneven designs.

Uneven prints.

Irregular sizes.

Folds, tear or crease marks.


We only accept payments through PAYPAL.

All listed items are priced at US Dollars.


HarapekoDoggyBag Store does not take any liability in the event of contingencies that arise from when the parcel is given to Japan Post and / or the Post Office in your country and / or is opened, inspected, tampered, retained, damaged, misappropriated, delivered wrongly, lost or stolen during customs inspections and in transit or in other circumstances once the shipping process has been initiated.

HarapekoDoggyBag Store cannot be held accountable for damaged, ruined, destroyed parcels due to natural or social circumstances such as bad weather or government policies that occur during transit in your country.

HarapekoDoggyBag Store cannot be held accountable for damages or breakages or missing pieces of received orders/items that have been opened, played with, tampered with and are in used/secondhand condition and not the state they were prior to the recipient having received the items/orders.

HarapekoDoggyBag Store cannot be held accountable for any insurance cover or refunds through claims for damages, theft or lost parcels or items within the parcels if the shipping chosen by the customer is: Regular Airmail (Small Packet) which has no tracking number and no insurance The customer is solely responsible for choosing this shipping method for their parcel to be shipped from Japan to their own country.

HarapekoDoggyBag Store cannot be held accountable for customers who do not take the responsibility to thoroughly and carefully read the shop policies, Japan Post shipping policies and / or their own countryfs post office shipping policies before placing or initiating any order before and / or after a payment is made through Paypal.

HarapekoDoggyBag Store cannot be held accountable for information, written or verbal policies or rules stated by other third parties such as transaction payment services or postal services. This also includes information given, stated or written or provided as a link / links from this website.


Thank you for your cooperation!


Dear Customer, Your privacy is the utmost importance to safeguard and protect. The following explains how information is collected, how it is used, how it is safeguarded, and how to contact me if you have any concerns.

What Information Is Collected:

As part of the order process, the following information is collected from shoppers:


Shipping/Billing Address

Email address

How That Information Is Used:

All information pertaining to your order will be used to fulfill your purchase request.

Our Commitment To The Security of Your Data

All information will not be disclosed to any third parties for promotional use or used without prior consent. This store is equipped with SSL [Secure Socket Layer] technology to protect transaction/order information and is hosted on a secure server.