May 2001 : Nakayoshi Comics Furoku Pack (SOLD OUT)

May 2001 : Nakayoshi Comics Furoku Pack (SOLD OUT)
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Product Description

May 2001 : Nakayoshi Comics Furoku Pack (SOLD OUT)

Here is a furoku bag for Nakayoshi Comics. It was released in May 2001.

CONDITION: The items inside are in new and unused condition. The outer plastic packaging has been opened. Some of the cardboard and paper pieces have some creased areas from handling. There may be slight aging. The cello tape on the outer plastic packaging is old.

Within the bag are promotional items with illustrations by popular manga/comic artists during the 2000s.

Plastic Case Length: approximately 18 cm or 7.08 inches

***not recommended for kids under 12 years. Thanks for stopping by!

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