1994 : Nakayoshi Comics Furoku : Oubosha Zenin Service Gift : Sailor Moon Colorful Carry Bag (OUT STOCK)

Item# NC_F_OZSG_SM_1994_Colorful_Carry_Bag
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Product Description


Here is the Sailor Moon colorful carry bag.

The item is a Nakayoshi "Oubosha Zenin Service" gift item that was received by subscribers in 1994.

The quantity is limited in number.

Made in Japan.

ITEM CONDITION : The item is in unused condition. Overall, it is in near medium good condition. There are aging marks on the white area on the front and bottom. There are some aging marks inside too. Most of the aging marks are concentrated along the edges, especially on the right side. The design on the back has some wear. There is wear and aging. The original paper envelope which was sent with the bag inside is not included.

Colorful Carry Bag Length: approximately 24 cm or 9.44 inches

***not recommended for kids under 9 years. Thanks for stopping by!

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