Amada Trading Card : Sailor Moon S PP9: PP Card Set : Hard Prism Card #425 - Sailor Moon (EXCELLENT CONDITION) (SOLD OUT)

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Here is the "Sailor Moon S PP Card Set" released by Amada in 1994.

Made in Japan.

CARD CONDITION : The card set is in excellent condition. There is some wear from handling. The outer plastic packaging has not been opened. The cardboard packaging has some crease marks. In "PP Card Sets", the corners of the cards have cello tape on them and they have been adhered to the cardboard packaging. The cello tape would have aged and there is a likelihood that the card area where the cello tape sticks to may have become brown or discolored.

The set includes one prism card and five regular cards.

Hard Prism Card = #425 Sailor Moon.

Regular Cards = #465, #447, #466, #448 and #449.

Made in Japan.

Card Size: approximately 8.6 x 5.9 cm or 3.38 x 2.32 inches

***not recommended for kids under 12 years. Thanks for stopping by!

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