Vintage 1970s : Candy Candy Anime Stationery Set (SOLD OUT)

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Product Description


Here is a very rare Candy Candy anime stationery set from the 1970s. The set includes a clipboard, a mini pencil, a mini memo pad with designs on the paper, a memo pad with plain paper, an eraser, a paper clip and a pencil case.

The items are in unused condition but are pre-owned. As the set is old, some items have been damaged by age. The eraser has melded with the container, there is glue damage on the front and back cover of the mini memo pad and the is a crease mark running across the clipboard. The other items are in good condition. Lastly, the outer packaging has lots of wear.

Made in Japan.

Pencil Case Length: approximately 15 cm or 5.90 inches

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