Vintage : Retro Girl 24 Color Pencils : Mitsubishi/Roses (SOLD OUT)

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Product Description


Here is a vintage set of color pencils with a lovely design of a retro girl.

The pencil box is metal and there are 24 color pencils. Arrows printed on the top right and left corners show how to open the case by pushing down on the arrows.

The items are in unused condition. Overall, they are in medium good condition. Due to age, there is handling wear and there are a lot of surface scratches and marks on the front and back of the metal container. The color has faded along the edges. Also, the pencils have aged.

Made in Japan in the Showa Period.

Container Size : approximately 18.5 x 19.8 x 1.3 cm or 7.28 x 7.79 x 0.51 inches

Keywords: vintage, japanese, shoujo, shojo, kawaii, cute, retro girl, big eyes, stationery, color pencils, mitsubishi.